Queanbeyan man faces court on a number of drug and weapons charges

A Queanbeyan man faced court on Tuesday and pleaded guilty to a series of charges relating to drugs and weapons offences.

Peter Allan Hewitt, 36, had 15 charges brought against him including drug possession and supply, possessing unregistered firearms and possessing goods suspected stolen. Hewitt pleaded guilty to eight of the charges.

In January this year police were granted a search warrant for Hewitt’s Campbell Street home.

Prior to executing the warrant police arrested Hewitt after pulling over the car he was travelling in on Cameron Road on January 12.

Police searched Hewitt and found $3520 which they allege was the proceeds of drug dealing.

The search of his home later took place and uncovered 12.6 grams of methamphetamine and hundreds of tablets with some believed to be MDMA.

According to court documents police discovered two unregistered weapons, a Tikka .222 calibre rifle and a 30-30 Winchester rifle which had been shortened, along with ammunition in an office in his home.

Police also found a brand new dishwasher, stove top and drop saw that they allege had been stolen from a house in Googong and were used as payment to Hewitt. There was also a Yamaha motorcycle in the shed that had been stolen in 2015.

Hidden in plastic wrap inside a cooler bag police found $23,800 in cash alleged to be the proceeds of drug dealing.

Hewitt pleaded guilty to the charges relating to drug possession, possessing the stolen items and unregistered firearms but not to drug supply or charges relating to the cash found in both searches.

Hewitt has been remanded in custody since his arrest and faced court via video link from Longbay Correctional Complex. He was able to wish his wife, who was present in court, a happy wedding anniversary from prison.

He will appear in Queanbeyan District Court in September for trial on the matters where he pleaded not guilty.