Eden-Monaro residents celebrate same sex marriage results

Member for Eden Monaro Mike Kelly

Member for Eden Monaro Mike Kelly

The message of acceptance sent to young Australians is the most important result of this outcome for Kristy Moyle.

Ms Moyle lives in Braidwood with her wife Jo and daughter Indigo was vocal in her support for the Yes vote.

When we spoke, Ms Moyle had just gotten off the phone to her mum, who was crying inconsolably.

These were tears of joy, Ms Moyle says, but also tears in memory of when Ms Moylecalled her crying inconsolably during the survey.

"For me above all else I think the most importance thing that comes of this is the message that it gives to young people," Ms Moyle said.

"The majority of Australians have put their support behind young people and that they love and wish to support their relationships and families."

Jo and Kristy with their daughter Indigo. Photo: supplied.

Jo and Kristy with their daughter Indigo. Photo: supplied.

A ‘Yes’ result for same sex marriage was announced on Wednesday morning, in the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey.

61.6% of Australians who participated in the survey voted ‘Yes’, to the question “Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?”

Overall 12,727,920 people, or 79.5% of eligible voters, participated in the survey, which took place over a two month period.

In Eden Monaro 64.9% of voters responded ‘Yes’ and 35.1% voted ‘No’, out of the 88,149 who voted. The rate of response in Eden-Monaro was slightly above the national average, with 80% of those eligible returning their surveys. 

Member for Eden Monaro Mike Kelly said he was proud of the people of Eden Monaro, and pleased with the way debate had been conducted within the electorate.

He said it was now critical that those in parliament who did not support same sex marriage, respect the voice of the people.

“I’m really intensely proud of Eden Monaro today. It’s an overwhelming result at 65 percent, very much amongst the highest ‘Yes’ votes in the entire nation,” Mr Kelly said.

“It just says so much for the intelligence and good will and community spirit that exist here, that people cut through all of the misinformation and advertising to form an intelligent and rational decision.”