Local anglers disappointed, but there’s action on the coast

Fishing in the region has been extremely hard over the last week.

The wind has howled for days now and the only day that was really fishable was the Saturday of the moon eclipse.

Anglers chasing cod at Burrinjuck all talked about follows by big fish, but unfortunately there were no solid hook ups.

Anglers that targeted goldens were lucky, if they were fishing the right areas. The main basin seemed to out-fish any of the river arms. 

Locally, redfin really fired up for the full moon and some larger 38 centimetre specimens were landed in Lake Burley Griffin.

“If you don’t feel the cold, now is the time to chuck on a mask and snorkel  and impress friends with a rock lobster.”

Anglers were hitting the deeper water off Black Mountain Peninsula where they located a nice school. TN50 did the damage coated in Sax Scent.

There’s not much to report with natives, just a few nice goldens caught at Googong.

On the coast, bream action was quite hot before it started to blow – crab lures seemed to dominate and fresh slimy mackerel for bait.

A few nice flathead were also caught at the basin and some table-sized snapper.

Speaking of snapper, there are still fantastic snapper on offer all along the south coast and should only improve in the next few weeks. It’s time to keep your eye out for floating cuttlefish carcasses as these are like magnets to snapper.

If you don’t feel the cold, now is also the best time to chuck a mask and snorkel on and impress the friends and family with a rock lobster. 

The game scene is on a steep decline but Mother Nature has thrown a nice patch of warm water off Tathra – weather has made it unfishable but with some nice days predicted soon, there should be improvement.

 – Adam Samios