RSPCA Pet of the Week | Ralph

This week’s pet of the week is the playful Ralph!

ACTIVE: Ralph is looking for adventure.

ACTIVE: Ralph is looking for adventure.

Ralph is looking for a best mate who is up for adventure and activity. Ralph's life has been lacking in excitement up until now – but he is a dog that could take on the world in the right hands.

Ralph is independent and always looking for something to do. With the right owner Ralph could channel his energy into any dog sport! Ralph needs a good walk every day and some games to exercise his brain.

We recommend Ralph for a family with older teenage children. Please remember that all interactions between children and dogs/pups should be monitored.

The adoption fee for Ralph is $395, which helps to cover the cost of his mandatory de-sexing, vaccinations, microchip and a lot of care from the RSPCA crew. Who says you can't buy love?!

Visit our shelter at 12 Kirkpatrick Street, Weston.