North Canberra Community Council | First meeting for 2019

North Canberra Community Council will hold its first public meeting for 2019 in the Downer Community Centre at 7.30pm on Wednesday, February 20.

Members of the public are welcome.

We have a full and exciting agenda.

The Minister for Urban Renewal, Rachel Stephen-Smith, will open the meeting, discussing planning matters that affect the inner north.

A delegation from the council met with the Minister recently to discuss our concerns about the future of Dickson Section 72, the area east of the swimming pool.

Also on the agenda

We will seek nominations for our unfilled committee positions.

We will consider catering for committee meetings, and a draft letter expressing concerns about planning issues.

The development application for a second Dickson supermarket was rejected, approved and rejected again.

Following our participation in mediation, Coles has provided a revised application that addresses our major concerns.

COLES: Revised application

COLES: Revised application

Draft designs

The meeting will also consider the new Planning Strategy, and the City and Gateway Draft Urban Design Framework.

We will receive reports from our committee, from the Environment and Planning Forum, from the Combined Community Councils, and from some of north Canberra’s resident groups. 

Members of the public, who are interested in the cost of petrol, will soon be able to view daily updates of capital city petrol prices on our website: