Fishing | Plenty of options out at the coast

April can be an amazing time of year on the coast; there are still some good game options available.

The marlin bite is quite slow but they are still around - I would focus purely on the tide change and run large bright lures.

While out in the depths, definitely have a shot at some tasty bottom dwellers; lately some decent pink ling and blue eye have been caught.

It's most likely the last opportunity to hit a FAD while mahi mahi, sambos and kings are still holding.

Working lures in different water columns is a sure way to find fish.

Metal slice and surface stickbait have been proven performers, but jigging has also produced the goods.

Montague Island has been smoking hot one day, with boats bagging out on kingfish in no time, and then the next day only rats and seals are around, causing mayhem.

Thankfully the snapper fishing around the island has been superb, with micro jigs and floating baits working best.

April has also become an extremely consistent month to land flathead - both in the estuaries and on the sand, so plan B should be all sorted.

Locally, my spinnerbait theory mentioned last week had paid off.

I tackled some good natives in the Murrumbidgee this week, slowly rolling my lure close to the bottom and casting multiple times at the same snag.

It took eight or nine casts to entice a strike.

Lake Ginninderra has also been fishing quite well; gold blades have been a hit for some XL reddies and small goldens.