Fishing | Lures entice spawn-run trout

After around 30mm of rain falling high in the mountains, I knew I must venture to the mouth of the Eucumbene River and try my luck at a trophy spawn-run brown.

In previous years that I've fished the first decent run of trout, I found that hard body lures like X Raps and lazer pros out-fished the traditional method of glow bugs and nymphs.

This year was no exception - lures worked best.

The early morning produced good bites in the slower moving pools, with most anglers landing or hooking a few fish.

Once the sun was up, the fast water was where the action was at.

I worked steeper banks and retrieved my lures close to the back end of submerged boulders as that's where the fish were holding.

Even though we reached the river quite late in the morning we were rewarded with some nice fish.

Unfortunately, the action was the complete opposite in the lake itself, with many groups not even turning a reel.

This time of year can be very inconsistent bait fishing the mountain lakes; most fish are in spawn mode and can come on the bite at any time of day or night.

Locally, the fish in the Murrumbidgee have loved the recent downpour with some good fish caught this week, early surface sessions being the most rewarding.

Lake Burley Griffin is fishing well for yellows as well as Googong, and I think it's any day now that some mammoth cod are caught too.