News quiz, August 1, 2020: Really, that happened this week?

Test yourself with the weekend quiz

Have you been paying attention to what's being going on in Australia and elsewhere this week?

Or has it all just flown in one ear (or eyeball) and out the other?

Our snappy 15-question quiz might help determine how much information you've retained over the past week. Or it could mean you have a whole lot more on your mind ... we hope you've just been busy.

Aussies made up the majority of last week's quizzers (as you would expect) but our friends from the UK and US both hit double figures.

There also was involvement from Canada, Germany, Denmark, Japan and Hong Kong. Feel free to share the link with ex-pats overseas - that way they can keep up with news from home, too!

So with that in mind, the articles below could come in handy in a nudge, nudge, wink, wink sort of way ...

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